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Full Body Tan ......... £20
Book 3 Tanning treatments for ..... £50

Quick and easy. Completely natural looking tan that lasts between 5 to 10 days. No Streaks, no orange, no patchiness. Safe alternative to sunbathing and sun-beds. Fades evenly and naturally.


Before Your Tanning Session:

Shower & Exfoliate your body.

Do not apply moisturisers, deodorants, oil based products or perfume/cologne.

If you shave or wax do this at least 24hrs before your session.

Wear loose dark clothing, avoiding silk, wool or leather.


The Session:

If using underwear ensure it is black and suitable to create desired result.

Your session will last around 10mins.

The tanning cream will be applied by hand by your therapist.

You will be dry so can dress straight away.

Do not touch skin whilst developing to avoid tanned fingers.




Shower off just 4 hours after treatment, for a deeper tan leave on for 6-8 hours.

Pat dry with towel. Do not rub.

Avoid water on skin & heavy exercise or any perspiration whilst tan is developing.

Use moisturiser to keep your tan looking fresh.

Ensure all tan is exfoliated off before your next session.

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