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Therapeutic Massage:

Swedish:  £25 for 35min, £45 for 60mins, £65 for 90mins.

Probably the most well known type of massage treatment available. This massage is great for relaxation, stress relief and easing muscle tension. 


4 Hands Swedish:  £50 for 35mins, £80 for 60mins, £120 for 90mins.

Two masseurs working as one. Your mind reacts differently to 4 hands than 2 hands, unable to fully focus, the brain quickly gives up on trying to keep track of the therapists and is soon lost in this deeply relaxing treatment.

Deep Tissue:  £25 for 35mins, £45 for 60mins, £65 for 90mins.

Using techniques to reach deeper muscle tissues, helping to get rid of knots and relax tight and tense muscles. A popular choice with sporty and more active clients as well as clients that have problems due to stress or bad posture etc.


Hot Stone or Sports Massage:  £55 for 60mins, £75 for 90mins.

Hot stone massage is a soothing treatment using heated stones to easily penetrate the muscles, alleviating aches, pains and tension. An extremely relaxing massage.

Sports massage is for those with specific problem areas or injuries, it is recommend for any serious injuries that you consult your doctor before booking a treatment.


Back Scrub:  £25 for 25mins or add as part of any massage for just £5 extra.

A gentle sugar body scrub infused with black pepper and menthol. It's like a facial for the back, that exfoliates, hydrates and revives the skin. This relaxing treatment helps improve the skins condition and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. You can either book this as a stand alone treatment or add it to any of our 60 or 90min massages for just an extra £5 (for example a 60min Swedish massage including back scrub would be £45).


Full Body Scrub:  £55 for 60mins or £75 for 90mins.

Just like our popular Back Scrub but for the whole body. Helps improve the skins condition and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.