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Step into our world of sensuality and explore the delightful sensations of our full body nude massage, prepared exclusively for men. Our passionate and talented male masseurs work tirelessly to provide the ultimate relaxing experience. Come visit us and discover your true self at our private and discreet location in Saltdean.

Nudist Sensual Massage

2 Hands Nudist

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our Nudist Massage. Our male masseur will provide you with a full-body massage that will leave you feeling incredibly rejuvenated. We use warm oil to help relieve tension and make your experience even more sensuous.

3minute session £60

60 minute session £90

90 minute session £120.

4 Hands Nudist

Double your pleasure by indulging in a truly unique massage experience with our 4 Hands Nudist Massage. Two of our male masseurs working together in unison to provide a relaxing and sensual full-body massage. Using warm oil and the power of touch, this massage is designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Book a 35min session for £120, 60min session for £180 or 90min session for £240.

Therapeutic Massage

2 Hands

Our 2 Hands Therapeutic Massage is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a professional and relaxing massage experience. Our skilled masseur uses a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and Lomi-Lomi massage techniques to target muscle aches and tension, while our warm oils promote relaxation and an overall sense of well-being.

Book a 35min session for £30, 60min session for £50 or 90min session for £70.

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