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Cuddle/Touch Therapy:

Hugging can help reduce stress, anxiety, feelings of isolation & loneliness and also help lower blood pressure. At the same time hugging can help improve your mood, boost mental, spiritual & physical wellbeing, promote relaxation & increase the amount of oxytocin in the body. This therapy can be done on a sofa or bed, listening to calming music in silence or while chatting with your therapist. Or while quietly  watching some relaxing  tv such as a nature documentary. Please speak to your therapist about your own personal preferences for the session. Anyone can benefit from cuddle therapy regardless of sexuality.

Clothed :  £25 for 35mins, £40 for 60mins, £60 for 90mins.

Hugs done with both people fully clothed (soft comfortable clothing is recommended).

Nudist :  £50 for 35mins, £70 for 60mins, £100 for 90mins.

Hugs done with one or both people in underwear or completely naked.


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